Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide


Each Love with Food box contains 8-12 gluten free products. The items included in the box will be both single serve and full size portions and may include snacks, ingredients, cooking mixes, beverages, and more.

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The Healthy Surprise subscription box is full of healthy gluten free, natural, wheat free, corn free, soy free, vegan and plant based snacks. The Healthy Box is their flagship product. It contains the best snacks found in the Starter, plus more, larger snacks for a total of 32-40 servings per box. The Starter Box is the smallest box, with at least 11 items, and has 16-20 servings worth of snacks per box.

Gluten Free Basket

Gluten Free Gourmet Gift Basket
from: $81.99

Magazine subscriptions make great gifts that can be enjoyed all year. These Gluten Free magazines are perfect for anyone who has celiac disease, a gluten intolerance or is just follow the gluten-free diet for another reason

Simply Gluten Free is America’s most popular gluten free magazine, serves as a complete gluten & allergen free, vegetarian, vegan & Paleo lifestyle resource to provide knowledge, support & creative solutions through articles written by the field’s top writers & medical doctors – recipes, tips, medical & personal stories.

Simply Gluten Free – $26.95

from: Magazine Values

Gluten Free Living is a bi-monlthly magazine dedicated to providing information on living a happy, healthy gluten-free life.

Gluten Free Living – $34.00

from: Magazine Values

Delight Gluten-Free Magazine is a bi-monthly international food and lifestyle publication for people living with food allergies and sensitivities with over 60 recipes in every issue.

Delight Gluten-Free Magazine – $22.99

from: Magazine Values

Save 10% off any (not just the GF magazines mentioned above) magazine subscription purchase of $75.00 or more with code SAVE10. And it’s ok to get a subscription for yourself too!


Are you tired of giving gift cards to those coffee lovers on their list?  Looking for something a little more…engaging?  Give the gift that keeps on caffeinating!

The Perky Goat Coffee Company a subscription box company offering monthly shipments of coffee.  They are unique in that they meticulously seek out smaller coffee roasters with a compelling story to tell. they get to know roasters personally, tasting coffee along the way, and then share their story (and coffee!) with subscribers.

The Perky Goat Coffee Company:

  • Introduces subscribers to awesome new coffees and roasters around the country.
  • Introduces their selected coffee roasters to a broader audience.
  • Helps coffee roasters grow their businesses, while sharing their story.
  • Throws a little fun in along the way!

A feature that sets The Perky Goat Coffee Company apart from other coffee subscription services is that they go the extra mile to truly impress subscribers. They don’t just throw a bag of coffee in a box, slap on a label, and call it good. They give subscribers an experience to enjoy as they learn about new roasters and savor new coffees.

Included in each monthly box:

  • two bags of coffee from the Roaster of the Month
  • inserts telling the story of the roaster and describing their featured coffees
  • a special Perky Goat bonus item (t-shirt, stickers, etc)
  • custom and precise wrapping and packaging – they want subscribers to feel like they are receiving an amazing gift that they can’t wait to open and enjoy each month

The Perky Goat Coffee Company doesn’t charge the Roaster of the Month a thing to participate.  They purchase freshly roasted coffee from them just as any other customer would. Then they take it to the next level by sharing with subscribers around the country and linking back to the roaster’s site on their website. Subscribers can then purchase their newly discovered coffees directly from the roaster!

Use coupon code HOLIDAY2016 for 15% off of your first purchase made before December 24, 2016!

Now a coffee lover? What about a wine-o? Wine Awesomeness is your humble guide for buying, discovering and learning about wine. They are a modern, souped-up version of a wine club, taking WA Members on a themed, wine-fueled adventure each month (i.e., the Monthly Journey). WA offers two options for gift giving:

1) Gift Multiple Boxes – Choose how many months of Awesomeness you would like to send that special someone (three, six or nine months), and they’ll set them up with Monthly Journey shipments for that period of time. You pre-pay for the Membership, and it automatically expires at the end of the gift’s duration.

2) Gift a Single Box – Choose between a 3-pack or 6-pack and send your loved one a one-time gift of Awesomeness.