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Against The Grain (Gluten Free) bread, rolls, bagels, pizza
Canyon Bakehouse Gluten Free (Gluten Free List)
Ener-G (Gluten Free List)
Everybody Eats (Gluten Free) rolls, baguettes, bagels, Challah
Food For Life (Gluten Free List) bread, English muffins, tortillas
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List) Bread, tortillas
Gillians (Gluten Free List)* – rolls, breads, croutons
Glorious Gluten Free (Gluten Free) French baguettes, panini’s, Naan, buns, rolls, muffins
Glutino/Genius (Gluten Free List) bread, bagels, English muffins
Heaven Mills (Gluten Free) breads, Challah and rolls
Idgy’s Gluten Free Dining (Gluten Free) bread, cinnamon rolls, buns
Katz (Gluten Free List) – bread*, rolls*, buns, bread crumbs, Challah* Save 35% on your first order
Kinnikinnick (Gluten Free List)
Mary’s Cupboard (Website) breadcrumbs
O’Doughs (Gluten Free List)
Real Foods Corn Thins (Gluten Free)
Rudi’s (Gluten Free List*
Schar (Gluten Free List)
Something Sweet Without Wheat (Gluten Free) baguettes, breads, rolls
The Grainless Bker (Gluten Free list) bread, bagels, buns
Three Bakers (Gluten Free List) bread, buns, rolls
Udi’s (Gluten Free List) bread, bagelsVenice Bakery (Gluten Free) focaccia bread, flat bread


22 Days Nutrition (Gluten Free) vegan, soy-free, casein-free protein & energy bars
Bakery On Main (Gluten Free List)*
Barbara’s Bakery (Gluten Free List)*
Betty Lou’s (Gluten Free List)
Bumble Bar (Gluten Free) vegan, organic sesame snack bars
Caveman Foods (Gluten Free) bars, crunches
Chappaqua Crunch Granola (Gluten Free List)
Chex (Gluten Free List)*
Coco Mama Foods (Gluten Free) Quinoa cereal
Enjoy Life (Gluten Free List) Review Cereal, Chewy Bars, Granola
Essential Everyday (Gluten Free) crunchy rice squares
Go Raw (Gluten Free) bars, granola, Vegan
Hail Merry (Gluten Free) Granola, Vegan
Health Warrior (Gluten Free) Chia Bars, 3 flavors
Kaia Foods (Gluteen Free List) all products are gluten-free, dairy-free, certified organic, vegan, and raw
Kay’s Naturals (Gluten Free List)
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies (website)
Kutoa (website)
Lara Bar (Gluten Free List) all flavors are gf
Lucy’s Granola (website)*
Mom’s Organic Munchies (Gluten Free List)
Mrs.May’s (Gluten Free List)* bars* & crunchies* all flavors are gf, vegan, dairy free
Nature Valley (website) almond crunch & peanut crunch
Nature’s Path (Gluten Free List)*
NOW (Gluten Free)
Pamela’s (Gluten Free List) Whatever Bars
Pure Fit (Gluten Free)
Rise Bar (Gluten Free List)
Samba 99 super fruit bars (website)
Soy Joy Bars (Gluten Free List)* all flavors are gf
That’s It Bars (Gluten Free) vegan, kosher
The Good Bean (Gluten Free) nut free bars Review
The Simply Bar (Gluten Free List)* all flavors are gf
Two Degrees (Gluten Free List) all flavors are gf and vegan
Wholesome Cravings (Website) protein snack bars
Yoga Earth Keen-Wah Bars (website)


Boston Brownie Company (website) gluten free brownies
Caveman Cookies (Gluten Free) Natural and Gluten-free, Grain-free, Dairy-free
Enjoy Life (Gluten Free List) – Review Cookies*
Everybody Eats (Gluten Free) cookies, specialty cakes, banana bread
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List) Brownies*
Gilbert’s Goodies (Gluten Free) cookies, brownies, pies, cookie dough
Gillians (Gluten Free List)
Ginny Bakes (Gluten Free)organic cookies and biscottti
Glorious Gluten Free (Gluten Free) cookies, brownies, muffins, cakes
Hail Merry (Gluten Free)* Macaroons*, Tarts
Hearty Foods (Gluten Free) gluten free pies and crusts
Heaven Mills (Gluten Free) cakes, cinnamon buns, carrot cake, cookie, crusts
Idgy’s Gluten Free Dining (Gluten Free) vegan cookies and cupcakes
Jennie’s (Gluten Free) macaroons
Katz (Gluten Free List) – Cookies, Pies, cakes, cupcakes, rugelech* Save 35% on your first order
Kay’s Naturals (Gluten Free List)
Kaia Foods (Gluten Free List) all products are gluten-free, dairy-free, certified organic, vegan, & raw
Kinnikinnick (Gluten Free List)
Laura’s Wholesome Junk Food (website) Cashew Chocolate chip cookies & mint double fudge
Lucy’s (Gluten Free)
Mary’s Cupboard (Website)
Mary’s Gone Crackers (Website) Review cookies
O’Doughs (Gluten Free) carrot cake, banana cake, muffins
Pamela’s (Gluten Free List) Cookies, biscotti
Par Dela Pies (Gluten Free) pies
Schar (Gluten Free List)
Something Sweet Without Wheat (Gluten Free) cookies, muffins, tea breads, whoopie pies, pies, cupcakes, cakes, danishes, brownies
Sterling Sweets (Gluten Free List) vegan, free of 8 most common allergens
The Grainless Baker (Gluten Free List) cookies, pies, cinnamon buns, muffins, bagels
Udi’s (Gluten Free List) – Cookies, brownies, bagels, muffins, cinnamon rolls


Arrowhead Mills (Gluten Free List)* flours, cookies, cake, pancakes, pizza, other mixes
Authentic Foods (Gluten Free) mixes & flours
Bob’s Red Mill (Gluten Free List) Mixes & Flours
Cause You’re Special (Gluten Free) mixes & flour
Cherrybrook Kitchen (Gluten Free List) cookies, brownies, cake, pancake mix
Duinkerken Foods (Gluten Free)
Ener-G (Gluten Free List)
Fahlstrom Farms (Gluten Free) bread, pizza, cake, cookies, brownies and pancakes
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List) Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Gillians (Gluten Free List) -flours, mixes
Ginny Bakes (Gluten Free) cookie, brownie and muffin mixes
Gluten Free Pantry (Gluten Free List)* all purpose flour, cookies, cake, pancakes, bread, pizza, muffins
Glutenus Minimus (Gluten Free List )
Health Warrior (Gluten Free) Chia Seeds
Hearty Foods (Gluten Free) gluten free pies and crusts
Heaven Mills (Gluten Free) flours, doughs, breadcrumbs, stuffing
Hodgson Mill (Gluten Free List) all purpose, bread, flax seed, xantham gum, pizza, pancakes, brownies, cookies, cakes
King Arthur Flour (Gluten Free List) all prupose flour, cookies, cake, muffins, pancakes, bread, pizza, muffins
Kinnikinnick (Gluten Free List)
Marion’s (Gluten Free) cookie & muffin baking mix, lemon bar mix
Moon Rabbit Foods (Gluten Free)baking mixes and flour
Namaster (Gluten Free) cakes, breads, pizza, muffins, flour, pie crusts, pancakes/waffles, brownies
Paleo Pasta (Website)
Pamela’s (Gluten Free List) cookies, cake, pancakes, frosting, cornbread, muffins
Par Dela Pies (Gluten Free) cookie dough, pie crusts
Rabbit Creek (Gluten Free List)
Simply Organic (Gluten Free List) Review
Solterra Foods (Gluten Free) key lime cake mix, brownie, vanilla chip cake mix
Sugar and Spice (Gluten Free List)
Wholesome Cravings (Website) snack cake mixes
Wholesome Sweeteners (Website)


Ben and Jerry’s (Gluten Free Flavors)
Brigham’s Ice Cream (Website) Vanilla, Chocolate, Chocolate Chip, Strawberry, Coffee, Peppermint Stick,Mocha Almond, Mocha Chip, Mint Chip, Black Raspberry, Pistachio, and Raspberry Lime Rickey Sherbet. The frozen yogurt is sold under the name Elan. The Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, Decaf Coffee, Strawberry, Black Raspberry and Andes mint are all gluten free. All Wheat flavors (ie cookie dough, oreo, mississippi mud) are processed at day end to avoid cross contamination of non gluten containing products.
Edy’s Ice Cream (Gluten Free Flavors)*
Friendly’s (Allergen Info)
Goldbaums (Gluten Free) 5 types of cones
Haagen-Dazs (website)
Hood (Gluten Free Flavors)
J.P. Lick’s (Gluten Free Flavors)
Joy (Gluten Free List) Sugar Cones
Wink Frozen Foods (Website) all flavors are gluten/soy/dairy/egg/nut freeYasso (Website) Frozen Greek Yogurt


Amy’s Kitchen (Gluten Free List)*
Bountiful Pantry (Gluten Free List) 29 soups and chowders
Celifibr (Gluten Free List) bouillon cubes
College Inn (Gluten Free List)
Cook Simple (Gluten Free) chilis
Frontier Soups (Gluten Free List) 28 gluten free soups
Grandma’s Chicken (Gluten Free List)
Goldbaums (Gluten Free)
Hormell (Gluten Free List)
Pacific Natural Foods (Gluten Free List) broths, soups, pho
Progresso (website)*
Swanson – Natural Goodness Chicken Broth, Chicken & Vegetable Broth
Wolfgang Puck – all organic broths & many soups


Allergaroo (Gluten Free List)
Ancient Harvest (Gluten Free List) – quinoa pasta
Annie’s (Gluten Fre List) mac and cheese
BiAglut (website)
Bionaturae (Gluten Free List)
Cornit (Gluten Free List)
DeBoles (Gluten Free List)
Everybody Eats (Gluten Free) ravioli
GoldBaums (Gluten Free)
Heartland (Gluten Free List)
Hodgson Mill (Gluten Free List)
House Foods Tofu Shirataki (Gluten Free List)
Idgy’s Gluten Free Dining (Gluten Free)
Maplegrove (Gluten Free List) mac and cheese, rice & potato pastas (elbows, ziti, penne, etc)
Miracle Noodles (Gluten Free)
Mrs. Leeper’s (Gluten Free List)
Namaster (Gluten Free)
Nantucket Pasta Goddess (Gluten Free)* pastas*, raviolis
Paleo Pasta (Website)
Sam Mills (Gluten Free List)
Schar (Gluten Free List) – rice and corn pasta
Solterra Foods (Gluten Free) fettuccine, spaghetti, gnocchi
Star Anise Foods (Gluten Free)
Tinkyada (Gluten Free List)– rice pasta
Tolerant Foods (Menu) black bean and red lentil pasta


Against The Grain (Gluten Free)
Bob’s Red Mill (Gluten Free List)
Bold Organics (Gluten Free)
Everybody Eats (Gluten Free)
French Meadow Bakery (Gluten Free List)
Glorious Gluten Free (Gluten Free)
Heaven Mills (Gluten Free)
Idgy’s Gluten Free Dining (Gluten Free)
Katz (Gluten Free List) Save 35% on your first order
O’Doughs (Gluten Free)
Paleo Pasta (Website) pizza crust and mix
Namaster (Gluten Free) mix
Rudi’s (Gluten Free List)
Rustic Crust (Gluten Free List)
Schar (Gluten Free List)
Solterra Foods (Gluten Free) soy free & vegan
The Grainless Baker (Gluten Free List)
Three Bakers (Gluten Free List)
Udi’s (Gluten Free List)
Venice Bakery (Gluten Free) Review


Bountiful Panty (Gluten Free List)
Cook Simple (Gluten Free)
Tasty Bites (Gluten Free List)
Zatarains (Gluten Free List)


Applegate Farms
Boar’s Head (Gluten Free List)* all meats
Carl Buddig
Dietz & Watson
Empire Kosher chicken and turkey
Farmer John
Giant Eagle
Hannaford beef & meet bologna
Hebrew National
Hormel Foods
Jennie-0 (Gluten Free List) sausages, pastrami, turkey & chicken breast, franks, ground turkey, breakfast sausages
Land O’Frost
Plainville Farms (Website) fresh turkey & deli meats (not all are gf so read labels carefully)
Trader Joe’s Celebrity Healthy Ham, Prime Rib Beef, Chicken, Prosciutto Di Italia
Weis Markets


Allegro (website) almost all marinades are gluten free & kosher
Boar’s Head (Gluten Free List)
Cook Simple (Gluten Free) meal starters, Asian burgers, rice, lentil, Ethnic dishes
Earth Balance (Gluten Free) veganmayo and spreads
Edward and Sons (Website) sauces, gravy and more
Emeril’s (Gluten Free List)
Ken’s Foods (Gluten Free List)
Lea & Perrins (Gluten Free List)
Moores Marinades and Sauces (Website) all gluten free except teriyaki sauce
Newman’s Own (Gluten Free List)*
Saffron Road (Gluten Free List) Review simmer sauces
San-J (Gluten Free List)*
Simply Organic (Gluten Free List) salad dressing, seasoning and sauce mixes
Two Fat Guys Gourmet Sauces (Gluten Free) bbq sauces
Wine Country Kitchens (Gluten Free List) pasta and other sauces, dressings, mustard, dips, vinegars
Wish-Bone (website)* many gf, now labeling bottles


Artisana Organic Foods (Gluten Free) nut butters, tahini
Barney Butter (website)
Cedar’s (Website) all hummus is gluten free, yogurt & bean dips
Eat Well Enjoy Life (Gluten Free) hummus
Joseph’s Mediterranean Cuisine (Website) all hommus and falafel
Sabra (Gluten Free) hummus, guacamole, salsa, veggie dips, Mediterranean salads
Simply Organic (Gluten Free List) dips, guacamole
Wholly Guacamole (Gluten Free) guacamole and salsa
Wild Garden Hummus Dip (Gluten Free) all flavors are gluten free


Alexia Foods (website) Allergen Info
Blackbird Savory Pies (Website)
Cedar Lane Foods (Gluten Free List) prepared meals, omlettes, enchiladas
CG’s Original (Gluten Free List) prepared meals, latkes, bakery items
Ian’s (Gluten Free List)Waffles, chicken nuggets, pizza, cookies, fries, mac no cheese
Garden Lites (Gluten Free) vegetarian, all natural soufflés and sumptuous zucchini “pasta” dishes.
Glutino (Gluten Free List)pastas, pizzas
Goldbaums (Gluten Free)
Jennie-0 (Gluten Free List) turkey burgers, so easy entrees, turkey breast
Nature’s Path(Gluten Free List) – waffles
Saffron Road (Gluten Free List) Review ethnic inspired meals, chicken nuggets, simmer sauces
SoL Cuisine (Website)* burgers
Sunshine Burger (Gluten Free) & falafel vegan & soy free
Tasty Bites (Gluten Free List)
Van’s Natural Foods (Gluten Free List) – waffles*, french toast sticks


Annie’s (Gluten Free List)
Betty Lou’s (Gluten Free List)
Blue Diamond (website) Nuts, Nut Thins, Nut Chips only products with gluten Jordan Almonds and Wasabi & Soy Sauce Almonds
Brad’s Raw Foods (website) chips and crackers; vegan, soy free
Cedar’s (Website) snack packs, hummus
Crunchies (Website) freeze-dried fruits and vegetables snacks
Crunchmaster (Gluten Free) crackers
Dagoba Organic Chocolate (Website) authentic & unsweetened hot chocolate, chocolate
Doctor in the Kitchen (website) flackers; gluten free flax crackers
Endangered Species Chocolate (website)
Ener-g (Gluten Free List)* pretzels*, crackers
Enjoy Life (Gluten Free List) – Review
Everybody Eats (Gluten Free) bagel chips, pretzels, corn chips
Frito Lay (Gluten Free List) varieties of Lay’s, Fritos, Tostitos
Gluntio (Gluten Free List)* pretzels*, crackers*, bagel chips, wafers*
Go Raw (Gluten Free) flax snax, super chips/super cookies, vegan
Hail Merry (Gluten Free) nuts & seeds, tarts
Health Warrior (Gluten Free)
Kaia Foods (Gluten Free List)
Kay’s Naturals (Gluten Free List) kale chips and Krunch – all products are gluten-free, dairy-free, certified organic, vegan, and raw
Kutoa (website)
Kur Organic Superfoods (Website) vegan 3 flavors Brownie, Coconut Cream, Dark Chocolate Mint
Late July (website)* multigrain snack chips
Mary’s Cupboard (Website)
Mary’s Gone Crackers (Website) Review
Mrs.May’s (Gluten Free List)
My Mini Pops (Gluten Free)
Orville Redenbacher’s (website) all jar and microwave, excluding Crunch n Munch and Poppycook
Paino Organics (Gluten Free List) tortilla strips and salsa
Pirate’s Booty (website)
Plocky’s (Website) hummus chips, tortilla chips
Popchips (website) Review
Saffron Road (Gluten Free List) Review crunchy and spicy chickpeas
Schar (Gluten Free List) crackers, crisps, bread sticks
ShaSha Bread Co. (Gluten Free List) buckwheat snacks, raw, vegan, made w/probiotics
Snikiddy (Gluten Free) baked fries, veggie chips, cheese puffs, some vegan
Swiss Miss (website)* all varieties
The Grainless Baker (Gluten Free List)
Way Better Snacks (Gluten Free) tortilla chips (black bean, sweet potato, sprouted etc)
The Good Bean (Gluten Free) chickpea snacks Review
Wellaby’s (Gluten Free) crackers, lentil chps, hummus chips
Yoga Earth Superfoods (website) trail mix, dried fruit, nuts


Ace Cider (website)
Bantam Cider (website)
Bard’s Beer(website) Sorghum based beer
Beljica Brewing (website)
Dogfish Head (website) seasonal-brews – tweason’ale
Estrella Damm Daura (website)
Glutenberg (Website)
Green’s (website) pilsner style beer
Hambleton Ale’s (website)
Harpoon Cider (Website)
Joseph James Brewing Company (website) Fox Tail
Magners Irish Cider (website)
Michelob Ultra (Website) Light Cider
New Planet (Website) 3 flavors
New Grist (Website)
Omission Beer (Website) lager and Pale Ale – brewed with malted barley, but they developed a proprietary process to remove the gluten.
Original Sin Hard Cider (website)
Rampo Valley Honey Beer (Website)
Redbridge (website)
Schnitzer Brau (Website) made from millet malt
St. Peter’s Sorghum Beer (website)
Wood Chuck Cider (Website)


Blue Ice (website) makes two different vodkas: one potato-based & one wheat-based.
Bombora (website) grape-based vodka from Australia. Not a GF facility
Boyd & Blair (website) potato based from Glenshaw, PA. made in a GF facility
Cayman Blue (website) made from sugar cane from the DR
Chopin (website) makes 3 varieties; wheat, potato and rye
Ciroc Ultra Premium (website) potato based (and gin) from Maine. plain flavor only
Devotion (website) contains casein.
DiVine (website) grape-based from Michigan. GF distillery
Fair Spirits (website) made from quinoa
Famous (website) made from Idaho russet potatoes in Idaho
Glacier (website) made from Idaho potatoes in Idaho. made in facility with wheat vodka
Krome (website) made from corn in Oregon. Barley present in facility
Oddka (website) all flavors except Caramel Popcorn
Smirnoff (website) made from corn
Tito’s Handmade (website) made from corn, from Texas.
V-One Vodka (website) gluten free vodka made from 100% organic spelt
Vikingfjord (website) potato-based from Norway